How and Why we do what we do

As a self-funded mostly one-person business, our smallness is our strength. Our limitations allow for creativity and innovation; by slowing down and turning away from the traditional fashion production model, we're creating something truly special.

01. Made-to-order

Traditionally a company will pre-produce before the start of a season, basing volumes and sizes off of predictions. We prefer a preorder method which begins production after the order has been placed, so that the clothing is made specifically for you! This eliminates wasteful overproduction and the need for end-of-season clearout sales of "depreciating" stock. It also guarantees that your size won’t sell out, and allows for custom sizing. The lead time is admittently longer, but as they say — good things come to those who wait!

02. Custom

Because of our made-to-order model, you can easily opt to have your order customized to your very own measurements (aka made-to-measure). We can also accommodate small design changes like skirt and sleeve lengths, necklines etc. Learn more here

03. Local Sourcing

All of our fabrics are locally-sourced (ie. can be purchased within a bikes-ride away). These parameters make for a real treasure hunt finding diamonds in the rough of Montréal’s garment district. The majority of our fabrics are deadstock — meaning remnants from larger companies and fabric mills sold through a dealer. This process while laborious results in special, unrepeatable collections and often unique one-of-a-few styles. We do also purchase some new materials, like our jogging fleece milled locally in Quebec. 

04. Low Waste

As each garment is cut and sewn in house one by one, we are mindful when placing pattern pieces out to cut to conserve as much fabric as possible. Remnants can be reused for subsequent orders, or if the pieces are too small can be used for smaller projects like patchwork pieces, hair bows or scrunchies. The smallest pieces are donated to quilters and crafters. As our fabrics are locally sourced from suppliers with low minimums, we are mindful to buy only as much as we need, and aren't stuck with excess rolls left to collect dust at the end of a season.

05. A new fit

The fashion industry loves a sample size, but this silhouette doesn’t work for most of us. Using herself as a fit model Hannah caters to a more hourglass-shaped figure. Her designs take in to account things like fuller busts, and a larger waist-to-hip ratio. No more waist gap or buttons popping open!

06. Community

We believe that handmade clothing has a special energy, creating community and connection between the maker, the garment, and the wearer (or wearers!). Together we can take it one step further. A few times a year rather than marking down our collection we will donate a percentage of the profits to organizations that support marginalized communities. Some of the organizations we’ve been able to donate to through your purchases: Hoodstock, Native Women’s Shelter, Meals for Milton Parc, Afrique Au Féminin, The Black Healing Fund.

07. Ever changing + adapting

As we (and by we I mean the royal we because for now it’s just me, Hannah!) learn more, grow, and gain resources there’s so much we want to do and improve upon. Expanding our size range, sourcing more sustainable fabrics, creating a stronger feedback loop with customers to improve designs, teaching the skill of sewing to empower you to mend, alter and sew your own clothing. We don’t know the most but we FEEL the most, and are humbly eager to learn more about running an ethical and conscious business.